Natural Ingredients

Sourced from pristine environment in Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway and other wonderful places, Vetnex makes sure the best available, high-quality, natural ingredients are used in the products.

Vetnex’s goal is to provide the best products to support our pets naturally, to achieve that, only the nutritionally enriched and evidence-based natural ingredients are selected for the products.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & development of high-quality products is the backbone of Vetnex's commitments. Our aim is to develop innovative technologies and high-quality products which are supported with science behind.

Vetnex's R & D is supported by professionals who have in-depth industry experience including veterinarians, pharmacologists, nutritionists and naturopaths, etc.

Vetnex is also collaborating with universities and research institutes for research and development, and guided by leading academics for emerging science in natural animal care.

Research & Development


Good quality control is required to ensure that the selected natural ingredients and evidenced-based formulas are transferred into high-quality products.

All Vetnex products are produced or packed in Australia in GMP or HACCP accredited facilities, under stringent quality control systems, right from raw material selection to the release of fully packaged finished products.

Vetnex is committed to have all its products manufactured locally in Australia whenever the technical capability is available.